Non-Alcoholic Mojito

February 02, 2012
I made this! Beautiful right?!

I bought a pack of mint leaves (huge pack costs only $0.70 from Shen Siong), a small can of 7-up ($0.60) and lime juice ($2 - still lots of it at the fridge). We manage to create 3 glasses of this yummy refreshing drink. With lots of mint leaves and lime juice left.

Very simple really.
  • Wash the leaves carefully
  • Rub a leaf or two around the glass tip
  • Put 2-3 leaves at the bottom of the glass
  • Add lime juice (about 2-3 tablespoon)
  • Add some ice
  • Mix carefully (try not to crush the leaves)
  • Add 7-up
  • Garnish with more mint leaves
Personal Tip
  • Freeze the lime juice and 7-up to create that crushed ice effect

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