Tong Le Private Dining

February 07, 2012

We had a team lunch to celebrate the last day of Chinese New Year at the newly opened Tong Le Private Dining at the Rotating Restaurant at the CBD.

Ambience and View was FAB!

Sparkling water and hot towel to begin lunch

We begin with Yu Sheng. It's the fanciest I've ever had!

This is the weirdest ever! Duck tongue. My Chinese colleague tricked me to eat it saying it's not really duck tongue and that it's just a type of veggie. But ewww. It's really duck and it has tiny bones. It's not bad tasting but it was disgusting to think that I ate a duck's tongue.

And together the 2nd meal of the day looks like this:

The soup was very tasty. But I felt very guilty eating shark's cartilage.

Huge plate, tiny fish. But tasty just the same.

Alas! I guess we are all not cultured enough that we wondered how come they are serving dessert in the middle of the meal. And? It's to cleanse your palate! I LOVED it!

Oyster, mushroom and another whatever on a winter melon. It's probably the worst dish of the day and the only one that I didn't finish.

The rice crackers on top was a great idea. It gave the rice dish crispy and crunchy feel. Oh so yummy!

And we come to dessert. Well I hate mangoes that don't come from the Philippines coz it tastes like medicine and this one do taste like medicine. :(

We ended the meal with tea and coffee. I had to take 2 sticks of sugar because the coffee was too strong.

I'm not sure of the pricing as it was a company sponsored lunch. But not knowing the price makes it easier for me. Haha. It may look small but it was a very very filling lunch and a good one too!

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