March 14, 2012
Ah. Suddenly I'm back to playing games in Facebook!

I'm loving Empire and Allies, Scramble and Draw Something.

And with that I fall under the GAMER category:

Unfortunately for me my wall is flooded by these type of people:

Bitter. Arrrgh! Get over it! Move on na please lang. And well.. if you don't want people to talk about you or whoever stop those posts. Anuuu vah?!

Filterless. OMG! Do we really have to know about that?! It's not like you're a celebrity that your everything is interesting. Duh?!

Battle of the best parents. Girl 1: My kid got a star at school today. Girl 2: My kid invented the time machine today! Me: I have no kid and I'd rather listen to "Ang lolo ko..."

Arrogance, boastful.Whatever you want to call it. Show off? Sige na. Ikaw na! Go!

Now back to Draw Something and Twitter! :D

Peace lang folks!

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