Lessons learned from Hunger Games

1. Know your strengths.
“There, resting on a mound of blanket rolls, is a silver sheath of arrows and a bow, already strung, just waiting to be engaged. That’s mine, I think. It’s meant for me.”

2. Fill a need.
"Sitting on my sleeping bag is a small plastic pot attached to a silver parachute. My first gift from a sponsor! . . . I unscrew the lid and I know by the scent that it’s medicine."

3. Master the basics.
". . . he shows us a simple, excellent trap that will leave a human competitor dangling by a leg from a tree. We concentrate on this one skill for an hour until both of us have mastered it."

4. Be yourself.
"Then I remember Peeta’s words on the roof. '. . .I’m more than just a piece in their Games.'. . . Rue was more than a piece in their Games. And so am I."

5. Markets Are More Efficient Than Command Economies
“May the odds be ever in your favor!”

6. Globalism Only Works If You Ditch The Extraction Model
“Betrayal. That’s the first thing I feel, which is ludicrous. For there to be betrayal, there would have had to been trust first.”

7. Economic Inequality Is Bad For Business
“District 12: Where you can starve to death in safety.”

8. War Drains Economic Resources
“Destroying things is much easier than making them.”

9. Technology Can Be Used For Good Or Evil
“The bow and arrow is my weapon. But I’ve spent a fair amount of time throwing knives as well.”

Think it stops there? Nah-ah. Read on for the Smart Career lessons :

1. Don't run with the crowd.
In The Hunger Games, if you run with the crowd, you will almost certainly get butchered to a pulp. Stay away from the crowd. Like, really run fast and far away, with every ounce of might in your post-apocalyptic soul. Metaphorically, of course. So take risks on that assignment, like how about using social media?

2. Have a skill others don't have.
Can you shoot an arrow into the eye of a squirrel? Can you snap someone's neck with your bare hands? Can you hop from tree to tree? Get a skill most other people in your field don't have, and you're bound to beat out the competition. Or at least survive a day or two.

3.Volunteer for the assignment.
Katniss Everdeen is the first person in the history of The Hunger Games to volunteer herself, and she (spoiler alert) wins gloriously, sparing her 12-year-old sister Primrose from near certain death. So put your name forward for that next project! You might not save a preteen from a brutal demise, but you might learn something new!

4. Don't offend your competition; they may be allies later.
If you try to undermine co-workers, or hack them to bloody scraps to advance yourself, it may end up backfiring. What if you need to work with them on a project later, a project like hacking your other co-workers to bloody scraps? They might backstab you in the future if, in the past, you've tried to stab them in the face.

5. Expect the rules to change.
Sometimes the rules of the workplace change in ways you don't like. Maybe you have to work overtime, or fill in extra paperwork, or you thought you and a co-worker were both allowed to survive. But then you're told that only one of you can. If you think the old system is better, don't just complain; help make your employer realize it, too. (Threatening to commit suicide, however, might be a little severe.)

6. Be patient with your mentor.
Sometimes a mentor figure will appear in your life -- someone who was once in your same position and moved up. Your potential mentor might be a real character, old and rambling, reserved and distant, or surly and constantly drunk. But if you're patient and prove your worthiness, you may reap some priceless pearls of wisdom, and a couple lifesaving favors.

7. Old, festering wounds are the real (career) killer.
If something was to end up killing your career, you might think it would be a single devastating mistake or a round of mass layoffs. But most careers aren't killed by something so dramatic. Injuries caused by past stumbles -- dropping out of college, a bad reference, a cameo in a low-budget adult film in the '80s -- can, if neglected, accumulate and turn out to be fatal. So try to heal them while you can!


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