Flower Heaven

April 01, 2012
A friend volunteered me to make the bouquet for our other friend's wedding. It was a simple ceremony requiring a very simple bouquet. We agreed on white, green and yellow. Tulips. I googled and called a few flower shops. 2 advised me to go to the nursery and 1 told me not to consider tulips as it opens quite fast. But I just  love TULIPS. I think they're super pretty.

Far East Flora - or simply referred to as the Nursery is like heave for flower lovers and those that aren't like myself. It was BEAUTIFUL. So many variety of flowers!

Check it out at:
555 Thomson Road

It's a HUGE freezer of flowers. It was FREEZING inside the nursery. The tulips opened up as soon as it hit the first brush of air.

I was feeling really down and unhappy after we finish tying the flowers. I felt it looked awful so we went back to buy yellow roses. As backup plan. 

In the end, my friend still opted to use the tulips. And I felt relieved that it turned out pretty.

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