Makeup Madness

April 01, 2012
Usually, I stand and watch my girlfriend giggle and have fun trying make ups at Sephora. I don't really wear makeup coz I have no knowledge and patience with it.

During one of our girl day outs, my friend Heids looked super fab that I was encouraged to buy my very first primer. Well, I still don't wear make up but it fine tunes my face (forgive the lack of words!)

Makeup primers are to help makeup last longer. Some fill in lines and pores to give makeup a smoother canvas, some combat oily skin, some even have color correcting properties to tone doen redness, sallow skin, etc. There are primers for the whole face, for the eyes, and for the lips.

Oh well, I got this Smashbox Photo Finish from Sephora. It came on the expensive side at $65. But I love the silicon feel. I just regret having purchased such an expensive primer, I could have began with the Loreal (being $5 as part of a promo at Guardian).

Another puchase is Benefit's Nervana. It's supposed to make me prettier. It smells good. But I don't think it makes a difference on my face. Hehe.

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