April 11, 2012
Here are 2 other reasons to be ashamed of being Pinoy here. :(

This girl boarded the bus with me this morning. She was a bit noisy so she caught my attention. She was on the phone the whole bus trip till Serangoon. She sounded very healthy and kicking (well). I got lucky manage to get a seat. Then she got lucky and got the reserved seat. I saw an grandma arrive and figured the pinay would give up her seat. It being a reserved seat. But lo and behold she was suddenly asleep! Ahahhaa! What a girl. :) Anyway. I gave up my seat (not reserved) for the grandma. Coz I'm a pinay and that is what we pinoys do. Respect the elders.

The 2nd reason is from Stomp.  Iling na lang. Sabay.. why???

Apr 17 update: By the way, I understand that other nationalities do the same. Just that, syempre affected lang sa kapwa kababayan coz sana we behave para maging proud na Pinoy tayo. :)

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