Kwan Yin

May 06, 2012
Being one of the "mother" goddesses, she is especially connected to those in need of any kind of help, be they sick, lost, frightened or simply in unfortunate circumstances. She is a great protector and benefactor of the weak, the ill and especially the children and the babies. Many erect alters to Kwan Yin, the "bestower of children" -- the one who hears the prayers of anyone wanting to conceive a child -- to increase their fertility. There is a connection with the care of souls, both during birth and after death. Taoists invoke her presence to free newly departed souls from the judgement of the underworld. She guards the souls of the newborn and guides them to their new parents.

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She's a gift by my aunt during our recent Hong Kong trip.

I don't worship her. But I respect her. And I believe. :)

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