Rambol sa Airport

Now who's at fault?

Raymart: for being hot headed and rushing to defend his wife?

Claudine: for being very arrogant and loud in fighting with the CebuPac staff?

Tulfo: for being uzi and taking pictures.

I say it's Cebu Pacific for being very inefficient!

And they only have this to say:

CEBU PACIFIC on NAIA3 incident involving Claudine, Raymart:

Flight 5J 896 from Caticlan to Manila had to offload some luggage due to Caticlan airport's weight limitation, which is implemented for safety reasons.
The luggage arrived late in Manila today as they were loaded in the earliest available Kalibo-manila flight and are now being delivered to the owners.
We regret the inconvenience this may have caused our guests and we hope for their understanding as their safety is our primary concern. 

And the biggest loser?

Claudine and Raymart. For losing their temper. And losing their dignity. 

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