Bloody Saturday

July 22, 2012
Saturday was early and busy for us. We have 2 8:30AM appointments, so we had to get up early and be sure we are early.

Our first stop for the day, the Novena Specialist Centre. Wow, very impressed with the medical centre. Very new. Very clean. Very nice smelling! The design is very good too that you won't feel like it's a medical centre. Very much like a hotel.

Good thing, we were 15 minutes early with our first appointment. And good thing that the lady at the laboratory was early too! Good vibes!

Here's where hubby had to do his thing:

I didn't notice any credit card logo or machine. So make sure you have cash or nets with you. Same as in the Thomson Medical Centre clinic of Dr Loh. No credit card.

Our next stop. Thomson Medical Clinic. Lucky coz we already settled the bill at Dr Loh's clinic the other day. So we can go straight to the blood lab.

Many people in the area waiting but because we went straight to the lab, we spent about 15 minutes of wait only.

It wasn't so bad because there were lots of kids to entertain those who wait. There was one Caucasian girl (about 2 years old maybe) who touched hubbies leg and sweetly said, "hi!"... awww. the sweetest thing.

I'm used to having blood drawn. I have it once every 2 months because of my thyroid issues. But hubby is particularly scared of needles and he's not used to having blood drawn.  Poor thing coz the med tech had to poke him many times as they couldn't find the right spot to draw blood. He ended up being numb and hurting. :(

By the time we finish all the tests we were STARVING (after the 10-12 hours fasting). And Deli France's queue was outrageous. We had no choice but to find breakfast elsewhere.

The results will be sent to Dr Loh on Monday so we will meet him again next week. Let all the results be good... please please please. Aja fighting!

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