Empire State

July 24, 2012
We had dinner at the Empire State at the Greenwich. At first we were quite impressed. The place was new and clean.  The menu was quite too.

The servers were friendly and they got us seated quite fast. They also served the main dishes quite fast. 

And ... the good service ended there.  

The spaghetti was bitter because of the herbs. The pork ribs was TOO porky (ilke old pig) that it was impossible to eat.

AND They totally forgot our drinks! We followed up but NADA. We asked for our dessert and it took them over 30 minutes with no action. We followed up to at least 3 servers. NO action. Then when they saw we were getting pissed someone bothered to explain that their desserts really take a LONG time.

We asked at least 3 servers plus the manager (he was wearing black) to cancel our dessert and just give us our bill. But guess what we were TOTALLY ignored. First they sent the old man to bring us the spoons. Geez! We told you to cancel it. Think they stopped there? NO. They didn't bring our bill. Instead they put this out.

Looked yummy? It smelled yummy but having to wait for it for a LONG time and having such bad service was not appetizing enough.

Still very pissed. I told the waitress we DON'T want it anymore and please just give us our bill. The waitress who was blurry just said ok ok.  At this point, I seriously thought of walking out and not paying anymore. I've NEVER EVER had this kind of lousy service before.

And guess what? We waited again for more than 10 minutes. 

Whoa you know what the CRAZY manager did? He rudely took the dessert away mumbing sarcastically, "since you don't want it!" SERIOUSLY.I wanted to stand up and just push the dessert on his face.

Another 5 minutes and finally the bill arrived.. And it was the wrong bill. Aha. Another 5-10 minutes wait.

I've never ever hated food establishment before. I'm NEVER every going back. And you my friends better find another restaurant. The food is not special, the service is lousy. Waste of space.

1 Seletar Road #02-04 Greenwich V

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