Fun Toast

July 07, 2012
This is our new favorite lunch place. Fun Toast!

#1 You don't have to fight for a table. Unlike Lau Pa Sat where you have to stand for 15-30 minutes to get a table.

#2 Open area! Ah! I love it that you enjoy your food without tasting like your food after the meal!

#3 CHEAP! $5.80 for my favorite soya chicken plus the drink of your choice!  Hello? We are at 1 Shenton Way. And this price is definitely defined as cheap. Super great value for money.

Room for improvement? They should hire faster staff. The queue tends to get too long wasting too many table spaces. The cashier should concentrate on the cashier then move on. She tends to stop at 2 customers then wait for the drinks to be finished before moving on causing long queue. Dear Fun Toast, fast service = more customers = happy customers = more profit = longer business life = happy me!

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