Girl Hairdo

July 15, 2012

Accidentally spoiled 2 clips from my hair extension last Tuesday when I tried to wear it to work. I emailed girlhairdo but only got a reply to call. When I tried to call the 2 numbers, no answer. So I had no choice but to wait for the weekend to go and see if I can buy extra pins.

And yep. They sell the pins. $2 for the US and $1 for the China versions. I got the 2 replacements then bought 5 extra. Just in case!

Oh, I forgot to mention I also got a few other hair accessories from it. Fun fun fun!


My friend, Heids, also got her own extension. Hers was the hairband type coz she had shorter hair and the clip-ons is not advisable.

She looked so young with her new long hair. Haha. Love it. :)

While she was studying how to attach it, I spent the time playing with the other hair extensions. The very pretty lady said to try while still got time. Haha. Thanks for the opportunity. Unfortunately, photo taking was not allowed. But I loved the long straight hair with bangs. :)

And I'm back to loving my curls!

Refer to my earlier post about Girlhairdo.

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