IVF journey begins here

July 19, 2012

As I've mentioned earlier, went for first IVF consultation with Dr Thong at Raffles hospital. I even had my LM with her early this year. IVF is a very serious manner. It's emotional, physical and financial. I took me a LOOONG time to finally decide on it because of these issues. Too expensive and too scary.

For weeks now I've been blog hopping. Hoping to find a good recommendation. I asked around. Friends of friends. Who could recommend a doctor with success IVF story. I even went as far as tweeting Sen Chiz when he casually mentioned having his twins through IVF here in SG. A friend of a friend mentioned they had their kid (who's now 1) through SF Loh at KK hospital. 

I have bad experience at KK so I was apprehensive. So I continued my search for a doctor. I came across couple of successful blog stories and loh and behold. All through SF Loh. So, yesterday, I bravely picked up the phone and booked for an appointment. 

And I went to meet him today with hubby. Told my hubby, since we are really keen on IVF. We just look and meet Dr Loh. If we are not confident with him or if we don't like him we can always go back to Dr Thong. It was purely meet and greet. We will trust our instincts. Dr Loh or Dr Thong.

There weren't many people at the clinic so the waiting time was not so bad. Less than 30 minutes I think. The clinic is very nice too. The assistants are all super friendly.

Doctor Loh is young. And straight forward. He immediately looked at my records. Commented on what should have been done or not done. Like my ovary is too far it could have been pushed during my LM. Or that if really I have bilateral tubal blockage it could have been removed during my surgery same as the adhesives. So many ifs. 

In the end, I felt confident with him. I want to trust him. So we booked for all the blood tests plus the semen analysis for my hubby. He gave us the number to call at his fertility clinic. Need to sign and submit a few papers then have blood test again for my egg count 2nd day of my monthly. 

He said that considering my current medical history he would recommend a long cycle IVF. Means I have to begin the injections on the 20th of August. Continuing it for 20 days. Gosh. I'm dreading the days when I have to self inject. Will I be able to do it? I doubt it. I asked my hubby if he can do it. He said he's too afraid of needles but he can try. Maybe if I annoy him enough he will get satisfaction and urge to do it. Haha. Great.

Doc gave us Compleal for hubby's preparation for SA:

Financial : Estimate 12-13k excluding the lab tests and consultation fees.

Time : Cancel all planned travels this year because need a lot of leaves to visit doctor and rest. Must save leaves so that I can use them when I need to rest.

Emotionally: I'm such a loser. I still dunno how I'm gonna handle the failure. But I will never know if I don't begin now right? So I'm being brave and saying I'm gonna do this and handle all problems when I cross the bridge.

Okkkkay. So here we are. All set. Are we ready? I hope so. Scared but ready.


Ryne said...

Hello! Since you've took d first step, b brave all d way ok :)

Victory ART said...

Undergoing IVF is not easy. I admire your courage and determination in going through the process. Good luck on your journey.

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