July 20, 2012
My tasks today include booking for SA appointment and the blood tests.

I was super stressed with the SA as I understand how uncomfy it would be for hubby. I was so stressed that I had 3 nightmares about it in 1 night. The first being me asking what is the S count and accidentally sending it to our office group mail (thereby sending it to everyone)! Shucks! It was such a nasty dream that I couldn't sleep afterwards. It repeated 2 more times that I ended up very dizzy today due to lack of sleep.

Well... after much ado about nothing... I managed to book both. But both at 830AM tomorrow. And my luck is super terrible that the other is at the Fertility clinic while the blood test is at the Medical Centre. Dang! Hopefully, hubby can get it out fast enough so we can go have blood test as quick as possible. Esp that we are now fasting. 

I'm soooo thristy!

I was counting the days. If we proceed with the injections on the 20th of August, I'll be having a couple of downtimes this August and September. Instead of September and October. I have 2 scheduled activities this Aug and 2 on Sept. I'm not sure I can take a long leave. 

Hubby is moving to a new work and he will have 2 weeks off end of August. If we proceed with injections then he can't go anywhere coz he'll want to be with me during my daily injections. Thereby, wasting his 2 weeks off.

Gosh. I'm wavering. Focus Piggy. Focus!

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