Another K Suicide

August 09, 2012

7 Aug – Actress Nam Yoon-jung was found dead in her home and it was declared as suicide by the police, a statement refuted by the late actress' family.
According to Korea Times website, on 1 August, the "Love and Marriage" actress was found dead in her house in Yeouido by her daughter. Apart from the deceased, police also found a note that was written by the actress about her sorrowful life leading them to believe that the actress had taken her own life.
However, despite the Yeongdeungpo Police attributing the cause of Nam Yoon-jung's death to suicide, her family believe that she died of over-exhaustion.
Koreaboo website reported that her family members stated that Nam Yoon-jung had just finished lunch around 12 pm the day she died before going for an afternoon nap, and were found lifeless by her daughter at 3 pm. They believe that she died of over-exhaustion from work rather than suicide.
They also refused an autopsy for Nam Yoon-jung.
Meanwhile, the actress' older brother asked that media stop reporting suicide as the reason for the actress' demise, "Our family is already depressed by the news of the death and we do not want to hear such explanations."
An acquaintance of the actress stated, "After Nam Yoon-jung's husband died in a fire, life became very difficult for her. She's was a person who valued all those around her, so I am very sad to hear of her death."
Nam Yoon-jung was 58.
Source: Yahoo

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