Lucrin Injections

August 26, 2012

Well, it's been a week. Been having my shots between 10-11pm daily. Duckie is getting used to it... no longer faints with the sign of the needle (or could it be because it's not poked on him?). 

The shots a bit painful. Well, not painful. But definitely some sort of sting there. The first few gave me headaches. Changed my mood too. Dunno because it's also the time of the month. I'm emotional, impatient and agitated.

Few more shots. Just a little concerned though coz I'm a bit delayed. Dunno because of the travel stress or because of this medicine. I do have the lingering tummy pain or uncomfy feeling that happens during the time of the month. But nothings coming out. Hay.. or again... I'm being impatient?

Dear God, give duckie and the people around me more patience to bear with me as I continue being luking. :)

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