Magic Mike

August 12, 2012

Went for a movie date with my girlfriends to watch Magic Mike. Ohhh common, put that eyebrow down. My officemate laughed at me when I said I was gonna watch this movie with friends.. like "huh? auntie friends?" 

Seriously I couldn't distinguish Channing Tatum with Captain America. I thought they were the same person. Haha. Well, now I can't remember Capt.

This. Movie. Is. Not. For. Kids

It starts were Channing's butt. And 2 girls boobies. It's not hard core R movie. Unless you consider seeing butts and boobs as hard core. Well, I thought I caught a glimpse of ummm. But I'm not entirely sure as I couldn't stare for it for long. Urgh.

Well.. what can I say? Channing is cute. Boyish look. Amazing body. Great dancing skill. Perhaps better if he didn't take off his pants (it was a turn off for me).

Story? Ah... was there any? Perhaps while I was sleeping in between the little laughs that my seat mates were making.. hehe.

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