Maldives - Arrival at the Island

August 28, 2012
The seaplane ride was super cool! The view was magnificent. The 45 minutes came and went. And I wanted more (Haha)... but we've arrived! To paradise!

Yep, it was rainy. It was cloudy. It was gloomy. BUT. It was still paradise. BEAUTIFUL beach. Beautiful scenery. 

Each guest had an assigned Hilton rep to meet us. My hubby was amazed by the view that he kept snapping pictures, completely ignoring the poor rep. Haha. Well, the rep gave us a cold towel and as soon as we pointed to him our luggage, he ushered us to the bridge going to the island. BEAUTIFUL bridge. SUPER.

We were made to wait at the Water Edge's bar. The rep met us and got details. They have a USD$1200 deposit requirement. So he settled it for us and gave us an orientation of the island. He then asked us to wait for about 1 hour because our room was still being prepared.

Did the 1 hour wait scare you? Don't. Coz it was well spent. You enjoy the Wifi at the bar (the only place they have the wifi except for another place --- keep reading my Maldives posts to find out where hehe). You get to enjoy the welcome drink.

Then if you're done with all that, you can spend the rest of the waiting time taking pictures. Admiring the scenery.

And if you still have more time. Do what I did. Relax. Chill. At this lovely swing. This is my favorite spot in the whole island. Wish I got myself a nice smelling book.

Before we know if we we're fetched by the same rep and ushered to our room. Yehey!

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