August 12, 2012
Went to Far East Plaza for my last minute shopping spree for our Maldives trip. The bikini/swimwear shop at the basement closed early (went there around 715pm) so I had not choice but to go around the building to look for another shop that sells swimwear.

Luckily I stumbled upon Manggis. It was good that there weren't many customers so I had the place to myself to pick. Considering my size, it was a bit embarrassing to be looking at swim wears. Hehe. 

Well, here's my loot: A sarong, a two piece swimsuit, a yellow sundress and a brow short dress. LOVE 'em! Wish I went for large swimsuit, but the medium is just ok. I didn't try em coz there was no mirror in the dressing room. I'd be force to come out of the fitting area to look at myself and I didn't feel like displaying my huge body to the public. haha. 

Pocket damage: a little over $100.

14 Scotts Road Singapore 228213. 
Contact Tel. No.: 67388693

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