Medz, Orchard Central

August 05, 2012

Had dinner with my girlfriends at Medz at the Orchard Central. The place is quite smaller than Marche, much more organized too. But Marche has this yummy appeal (perhaps the market setting) that Medz don't have. Lesser variety since it's smaller too.

From Heids Phone

BUT. Being new. Medz has an added edge. Plus they have better drinks range. I loved my mint-o. My friends loved their pinky drinks too. I fell in love with the pizza and the sizzling beef too. The seafood platter was not a platter. Huge plate, small food. Not a platter! 

From IA's phone

I think the drinks, the pizza and the red velvet cake was the stand-out for me.

From Girl's phone

Over all, though, I liked the place. I liked the food. I loved the company.

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