Walang Hanggan

August 04, 2012
I stopped watching Walang Hanggan after it became dragging. Well, like all other Filipino soaps they extend and extend until it becomes dull and boring. It should have ended happily a month ago.

It became controversial again today. Rape on national TV? (well, it's not the first rape. Melissa Ricks' character was also raped before --- but being second lead it didn't generate so much buzz unlike the underage Julia Montes). 

I know the writers need to gain back it's viewers (maybe like myself). I got curious. And boy was I in for a SHOCK. It was intense. And too much for national TV. (So much like the MMK episode with Angel Aquino).

Did it gain me back? Will I watch again?

Yes. But only because I wanna see Albay. Not because of the rape scene. I wish they didn't do it though. It was not so nice to get ruin Julia like that.

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