September 27, 2012
To POAS or not. Well the period is not here so its increasing our hope. At the same time more scary. My scheduled blood test is next Friday - Oct 5. Dang, its a good 8 days away! The wait and the suspense is so intense I wish there's a fastforward button.

According to some forums, you can POAS 10 days after trigger - which to me was last Tuesday.

But other forums say it's too early. They say 8 days past transfer is a better day to begin - which to me is today.

Image source: http://pinterest.com/pin/206180489161764464/

This is like an exam. I wanna study and cram and prepare. But no reviewer and no guide. I wanna cheat so bad that I wanna POAS before the blood test. But I can't. I'm so afraid of the result.

If it's negative, then what? Part of me will die. I'm gonna be sad for myself and more sad for my hubby.

Not having any symptoms is so scary. I wish I'd feel tired. I wish Anything preggy.

Lord help us.

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