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September 12, 2012
It's so easy to say I will keep calm and avoid stress - esp self inflicted ones. But like all other sayings, quotes and advises. It's easier said than done esp when you're playing with your hormones. Geez and this isn't menopause yet. (brace for the storm

Went to clinic today for my scan. I called before coming in since I couldn't afford to wait for 2 hrs today. Unfortunately, doc was called for emergency caesarian. OMG. I dont't wanna stress but it was stress.

And an unnecessary stress too! He was back before I calmed myself. Gezz Piggy. Relax. Chill. It's my hormones. Sorry.

The doctor was back in less than 45 minutes. Never thought C is so FAST.

I had white discharge the other day (like egg white). So I was really worried that it's one of the eggs (crazy huh?).  My friends said it's normal. Perhaps I was fertile. I read around and it seems normal. The doc just shrugged when I mentioned it so perhaps it's nothing serious.

I had another scan today. 11mm lining (pretty good). But no big follicle. The biggest is 12. And he saw about 10 on the right and 2 in the left. He said though that we have to continue with the medication (lucrin and puregon). With increase in dosage for puregon. Instead of 400iu I'll be using the entire bottle which is about 480iu. Then be back to scan again on Friday. Earliest ET he says is Monday. Making me very worried that it's too near my monthly menstruation schedule. Which again didn't seem to bother him.

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