September 18, 2012
Preparing for my Embryo transfer tomorrow.  I'm going alone because my hubby has work (he's just 3 weeks on his new job so he don't have so much leave). I'm having mixed emotions. #1 I'm scared of going alone. I mean seriously, this is an event that requires a companion right? #2 I'm disappointed. That he will miss the opportunity of seeing this event. This is a big event after all. #3 I'm hopeful. I hope everything goes well. 

Part of the scare that I'm feeling is that I'm very worried that I don't have much time. My next monthly visit will be on Sunday/Monday (D28/D29). I'm starting to have weird constipation feelings (which I always get when the time of the month is near) plus the usual pimple visitors (the same spot every month). With the ET tomorrow, will it have enough time to implant? Doctor and nurse says yes. 

Thy will be done. Please pray for us.

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