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September 05, 2012
We stayed at Maldives Hilton Iru Fushi from Aug 16 to 20. 

95% of the time was super windy. 3 out of 4 nights was raining. It was stormy. It was windy. It was cloudy. But it was a good trip. We were lucky that at least our last night was not cloudy. And the last day (the day we were leaving) was sunny.

Aug 16. 

We spent it taking pictures and admiring the scenery. Duckie tried to snorkel but the waves were too high and current was too strong. He accidentally dropped his snorkel but could swim to get it because of the strong waves. After the failed snorkeling try, we decided to just explore the island for picture taking. And what do you know? It was too windy. His sombrero got carried away. Waah. Almost $100 bucks gone by the wind. Haha.

We had lunch at the Fluid Bar. Too many kids. Chaotic. Lots of cuties but still chaotic. Haha. Not a place for honeymooners. 

In the evening, we wanted to have dinner at the nearby Trio restaurant but when we got there we were told that it was fully booked. Wahh. Hunger pains. We ended up ordering the In-Villa Dining. (Note: They charge $10 for the delivery)

Aug 17.

It was gloomy all day. 

Duckie tried snorkeling after lunch. He says the current is too strong that he can't guide me. So I was stuck there. Watching him. Envying him. Hating Maldives.

By afternoon, the rain started becoming stronger. We were stuck in our room.

Called Trio to book for tonight but was told they were fully booked. So I booked for tomorrow instead.

Aug 18.

I woke up around 4AM to a shaking villa. I'm telling you I was scared to death. The whole villa was shaking. The wind was so loud. The water was crazy. I know a typhoon when I see one. And this was scary coz it was pitch black with the howling wind and the angry waves. No internet in the water villa so I couldn't check the weather report. It was crazy.

The rains stopped just before 9AM, so we managed to get our way to breakfast. But it was windy all day that we didn't get to snorkel or swim.

We wanted to see how beautiful the sunset would be. But it was just too cloudy. No good sunset view. Ended up with these pictures. My hubby making fun while I wasn't looking around.

We had a lovely candle light dinner at the Trio. Lovely lovely dinner. :)

In the evening, we thought we could check out if there's some planktons that would glitter in the dark seashore.

None. But admit it. It's beautiful right?

Aug 19.

Ah. The rains last night was much calmer. And today, we woke up to a rainbow. I LOVE rainbows. It gives hope. It just makes me happy.

All non-motorized water sports are free. But because of the weather, it was only today that  we decided to try some. We went to the Water Sports Centre around 10am but was told to come back after an hour for the kayak. They only have 2 and both are in use. 

We decided to try jet ski while waiting. It's about U$100 for 20 minutes. SUPER FUN! Except that I was very scared hahaha.

Then we tried kayaking. It was FUN. Duckie says it was TIRING. Haha. We didn't get to go around the island because of the strong current. But I SUPER enjoyed it.

In the afternoon, we strolled the beach and Duckie decided to try swimming. This is where the iPhone accident happened. All wet. Gosh. Let's not spoil the vacation memory by bad memories. Haha. Positive vibes only!

While Duckie enjoys the sea. I enjoyed the shells and sands.

Yehey. Today seems to have a better sunset view.

We had dinner at the Bamboo restaurant. I LOVE the Thai curry prawns. SARAP!

By evening, there were fewer clouds. And we got this STUNNING view! Milky way. OMG! It was the crowning moment of this entire trip. AMAZING.

Aug 20.

I love our morning walks by the beach. The company. The scenery. The experience. The calmness. The peace.

On our last day, the sun was up and bright. I know I should say why only now? But instead I was super HAPPY. At least I will get to try to snorkel. Finally!!! Wohoo! And I did! For a good 15 minutes! Hahaha. Lame lame lame! Not much fishes. But I loved the calmness of the water. Wish it was like that for all the days that we were there. But I'm glad that at least I got to try it. :)

We called for pick up by 11AM since we needed to be at the reception by 1115AM to settle our bills.

The seaplane took off around 1215PM. Tip: If you're cute enough, the Hilton rep might just give you a toy octopus. I saw 2 kids get 1. Super jealous hahaha.

It was a good experience. Probably didn't exceed what I expected. Maybe because I had super high expectation. But I'd still rate it as GOOD. I love Maldives. Beautiful.

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