Start of Puregon

September 03, 2012
Because of the little lump found during the scan last Friday, Doc asked to see us again the next day. It was a bit tough for me since I have a scheduled implementation that day. It was stressful to rush a big implementation. Geez. Makes me wonder if I can cope with this IVF plus a full time job (even if boss is super supportive of this process).

I didn't make it to 12PM at the Thomson Fertility Centre (TFC), so I rushed to catch Doc at the Thomson Medical Centre. They close at 2PM so it was a close call. Luckily, the little lump was no longer there. So Doc said we can go ahead with the Puregon. Unfortunately, he said we have to go to TFC on Monday to get it. Waah. Another travel to clinic. My Annual Leaves are flying so fast.

Friday was ~$300. Saturday was ~$100. Plus the taxi fares. 

I was on early morning standby today. So, after the morning checks, instead of having breakfast, I sneaked to the clinic (TFC). Luckily the nurses were very fast. But I was caught off guard. I really thought I was just gonna pick up the medicine. Turned out she was gonna give me my first jab.  Dang, that was a weird feeling.

Spending the rest of the day at work was very tough. I had headache and felt very nauseous.  Until now I'm still feeling a bit weird on my tummy. The nurse today was not very friendly and not very clear. It was very very tough especially that hubby didn't come with me. Wish she had more "concern". And wish I'd do the injection correctly considering how unclear the instructions were. Guess I'll have to rely on youtube. I didn't get to talk to Doc today.

So today's bank damage is $1900. *Cold sweats*

Hey, on the lighter side, here's a tip to those going to TFC. Whatever you do. Whatever you feel. Do NOT sit on the chairs on Level 2 near the bridge to the mall. The uncle guard is CRAZY. Don't care if you are patient or customer. Never mind if you're feeling dizzy or sick. He will chase you away. Beware Uncle! Next time you do it, I'm so gonna STOMP you.

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