Thy will be done - Egg Retrieval Day

September 19, 2012
I left home early with a plan for today's embryo transfer. To have breakfast and to buy my lunch. Because I'm going alone and won't have anyone to buy me lunch and I wouldn't want to move much after the transfer. I kept prepping myself saying all's good. I can do it. But the stress is beyond my control. I swear I wanted to either throw up or poop... that kinda body stress.

I was in the clinic 10am sharp and they called me in as scheduled 10:30am. This escorted me to one operating room because the recovery room is fully occupied. Then they did the usual prelim steps. They ask to confirm your name, ic and number. Then they make you change to the gown. No need to undress except for undies. So come in skirt. :)

Okay. So the wait was a LONG wait. From 10:30am, I waited for almost 45 minutes. Seating in the crampy chair. There was no bed to rest except for the operating bed. Which I wasn't keen on sleeping on.

I was so bored. I kept myself busy by trivial stuffs. See my socks fits the lab gown. :p

Finally at 11:15AM a nurse came to escort me to the actual operating room. Where another nurse was waiting. They did another round of verification. Name, ic, number. The room was super cold and it was really embarrassing to be wide open with so many people in the room. 2 nurses, the doc plus the embryologist plus the window to the lab room where another embryologist was incident. But as I read in another blog, "see see loh!"

Finally after all the verification, we are ready. There was another verification. This time you have to verify from the tv monitor. Your name. I was looking at the monitor for the scan so I think I made the doc a bit annoyed that he said "hello hello".  Hello doc. You expect me, with all the emotional stress plus the nervousness and shyness to be very alert? After saying saying a soft yes. The embryologist came out saying, "2 beautiful embryos". Oh God. This is it.

It began 11:25. They were done in less than 5 minutes. I believe 4 to be exact.

It's the dark white dot in the middle. That's my 2 little embryos. Please babies. Hatch. :)

After the procedure, having no bed in the recovery room and being the last patient of the day, they made me stay at the operating bed to rest. While resting, the embryologist handed me this report.

They transferred 2 grade 1 4 cell embryo. Sounds promising being the highest grade available and have frozen 2 grade 1 embryo. 

The nurses asked if I can still hold my bladder. Afraid of letting my little babies fall (which I know they won't) I said it's ok I can hold on. And I held on for at least 40 minutes.

After that they whisked me to seat and listen to the post ET orientation. Here's my medicines (I'm on bed now so I can't detail it. I'll update later):

They gave me a list of what to do and what not to do. The most difficult being to mail the insurance thing immediately. #1 I'm not moving a lot. #2 Heck who will mail it for me if I'm not moving. Geez. 7 days. Talk about pressure.

So it's been 6 hours after the ET. I had a power nap in the afternoon. Still in bed. I plan to take it slow until maybe 3-4 days.

Thy will be done. Wish us luck. :)

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