Top Pinoy Films

September 15, 2012
I was discussing movies with an officemate yesterday and I just thought why not list down my favorite Pinoy movies? Let's see if we have the same list. :)

#1 One Last Chance 

John Lloyd and Bea's incredible chemistry plus amazing story. Add amazing OST and may tamang lines. Boom! My number 1.

The rest are not in particular order:

You Changed my Life

Aha! John Lloyd and Sarah's super cute in this movie plus the story was super cute too. Very light and romantic.

My Amnesia Girl

Funniest movie of all time? Add cute to it.



Mikee Cojuangco and Aga Muhlach. During my generation, these 2 were just super match! Her life is everybody's dream life. Add a prince charming. Hay kilig.

Do Re Mi

I don't remember much, but I do recall I loved these 3. Very very simple yet touching movie.

Wanted Perfect Mother

This is Maya and Sir Chief of our generation.

To Love Again 

I'm a Sharonian. Haha. I SUPER love this movie. Raffy. That's my favorite name for Sharon.

Kahit Konting Pagtingin 1

FPJ and Sharon. San ka pa? Haha.

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