October 03, 2012
Just had my beta hcg today. Yep! 2 days early because of the spotting yesterday. All the nurses were poker faced. Wish one of them could have shown compassion.

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I had a BFP on HPT this morning but until I have the blood result I don't think I can relax. If you think the 2ww was torture... think again. The wait today is even worse. Like waiting for the result of a board exam. Cold sweats. Cross all fingers including toes!

It's been almost 3 and a half hours. No call yet. I'm soooo excited and nervous.


Finally, the clinic called me around 3pm. She said, "Congratulations! you are pregnant. Can you come down to the clinic today?" She said my beta hcg result is 275.

Asked me to go to the clinic to collect more medicine. Basically just the same 2 medicine that I've been taking. Doc wasn't there so I couldn't ask anything. I really didn't jive well with this nurse. Can't ask her anything. She refuse to answer anything. Geez.

She asked me to come back on Oct 17 for another checkup with Doc. 

So now.. hmmm.. what do I do? 

Thank you Lord!!!! 


cookie a. said...

wow!!! so happy for you! congrats!!!! ingat ka palagi ok!

Piggy said...

thanks cookie. :)

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