October 09, 2012
Just as I thought everything was going on well. Then.. BOOM! Blood. Red. Full bloody red. I quickly called the clinic and they informed me to go to TMC.

I took the first cab to TMC but unfortunately they had me queue up. Damn! 1 bloody hour. Like they don't understand the urgency and the stress you are going through. No compassion and concern at all. It was the first time I really HATED O&G Specialist Centre.

Image source: https://www.facebook.com/GodVine

Finally, after more than hour, I got to see Dr Loh. He did a vaginal scan and could not see anything. He recommended to have urgent beta test worrying about ectopic pregnancy.

I had to wait another hour and a half. Imagine, if only the nurses prioritized me I could have had my blood test done first thing when I got there and reduced the stress I gave my body.

My hcg count was very high at about 3200++. Which worried the doctor even more. He's suspecting an ectopic pregnancy. He asked me to come back on Thursday for another scan.

Dear God, Please save my baby. Let this be a safe pregnancy. I want her. We want her. Please please please Lord.

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