Rip Off

October 21, 2012
ASAP recently came to Singapore for a show. I believe it was $80 per person. About 1/4-1/3 of an average maid's salary here in Singapore. Well, ASAP is a good show. But it should have came free. 

#1 They had so many sponsors!
#2 They already earn from the advertisements in the Philippines
#3 They were promoting the new TFC pack and the new TV shows plus new movie (why ask people to pay $80 when you will force them to listen to your ads?)

Geez. ABS CBN. What the heck?

And anyway.... people were dancing like idiots and running after the actors (who were mostly lip singing!)  What a bunch.

Anyway, Starhub offers $23.54 for the TFC pack containing ANC, TFC and Cinema 1. They are currently running a free preview until Oct 31.

So far, I noticed ANC don't show anything new. It's a replay of the news and the shows of TFC. Cinema 1 is showing all junk!!! Kimmy Dora and P Benjamin? They showed Cinema 1 news twice during my scan. GEEZ. Then just as I was scanning channels again it's a marathon of the TFC series. Why pay additional $7 for the same shows?

ABS-CBN if you really wanna make Filipinos abroad happy don't OVERCHARGE.

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