Walang Hanggan

October 23, 2012
Image source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b1/Walanghanggan.jpg

My hubby and I liked watching Walang Hanggan at the beginning. Great cast, great acting, great locations and good story. Until, like every other Filipino series, they started extending it. Until it was IRRITATING annoying.

It's one thing that Pinoys need to learn in order to be at par with Korean series. Stick with the story. Complete the story before shooting. And stick with schedule. 16 episodes, 20 episodes or 24. Not YEARS.

It's ending this week, so I decided to take a peek. Geez. I know a finale deserves a big bang. But a big bang doesn't need to be super stupid characters. Anuvah?!

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