Lots and lots of blood

November 26, 2012
Warning: TMI

I wasn't feeling well since Wednesday. I guess it's the long walk from home to office. Plus really all those pregnancy blues. Wednesday was the worst. From morning, I was already feeling very weak. We had some incident in the office Wed evening and I forced myself to work till about 930pm. Add the fact that I was having some issues with a friend. (Ah! At this point it seems irrelevant!) 

My sister was telling me it's all in the mind. That part of it is the brain telling you to be lazy coz you're pregnant. Or something to that effect. So really I forced myself to think it's all in the mind. But my body complained. And boom.

I slept around 10pm after the conference call. I woke up around 1030pm feeling the need to pee. In fact, I thought I already did a bit. So I was kinda rushing to the toilet. Since it was super dark in the room I didn't see anything till I was about to flush the toilet and saw the bowl full of blood. Including my legs and my clothes. I panicked and saw blood trail to the bed. 

I was super quick and asked Duckie to call the emergency number of the hospital where no one was answering. Called a cab got dressed and started ordering Duckie to take this take that. Carry this carry that. Quick quick. He seemed to be in shock and was a bit slow so I was already at the lift lobby and he was still at the door. Thank God, the cab arrived very quick.

We reached the hospital in less than 20 minutes. The driver was taking his time not realizing the urgency coz instead of stopping at the emergency door he stopped at the taxi stand. Geez! A good 20-30 meters walk. I quickly hopped off the taxi and left Duckie to settle the bill. Weakly but with force I cut the queue in the Emergency and think I said, "I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I'm bleeding" handing over my IC to the nurse on duty. Luckily, the nurse was quite fast too. She whisked me to ER and did her thing.

My OB was busy with a delivery so I had to wait for another doctor to do the scan and check my baby. It was during the wait that I freaked out and started crying.  My tummy felt empty and I was really scared I lost the baby already. The doctor came to scan me around 1130pm. I thought I saw fear in her face and the nurse. Well, luckily she saw my baby. With heartbeat. Jumping up and down. Naughty! I swear I cried even more. They found another blood clot and said my pregnancy is very dangerous. She recommended I stay in the hospital for the night for observation. They gave me injection for support. And asked me to drink medicines.

We stayed overnight in the hospital. The next day Dr Loh came over to check on me. He gave me additional medicine. Scolded me a bit for tiring myself. And slapped me with 9 days bed rest. Geez.

We got home later that afternoon to a house that looked like a crime scene. Bloody mess. But I thank God baby is still good and healthy.

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Cookie Aguilar said...

naku ingat ka... got scared for you while reading your post. take care and take plenty of rest. will be praying for you and your baby. hugs!

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