Good job Donaire

December 17, 2012
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Glad that Donaire won yesterday. We needed the win. 

It was my first time watching his fight. He's very fast. In fact, his punches seemed faster than Pacquiao's. But. Pacman throws more punches. Pacman looks stronger. And Pacman has charisma that is lacking with Donaire. Perhaps it's the packaging. Pacman is family oriented, people oriented and very religious (despite being a gambler and playboy earlier).

Donaire's future seem very bright. But he has a long way to go to reach Manny's level.  And... buy a new pair of shorts... this one seemed so big I was afraid it was gonna fall off during the fight. Very distracting shorts and socks. I'd also stop retweeting compliments so that people won't think na nagbubuhat ka ng sarili mong bangko. Mayabang ang dating.

Congratulations and Best of luck!  Make the Philippines proud!

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