December 10, 2012
@justinbieber belittles Pacquiao in his IG post

I'm not reposting the pictures because it's super RUDE. Never really a fan of JB... I couldn't figure out if he was a he or a she. Voice like a girl. Looked like a tomboy. Oppss... JB fans... like JB, I, too, deserve to have my own opinion.

I totally agree with Kat:

Justin Bieber's IG posts on Manny Pacquiao... Others may think he's being funny. But for an entire nation, he's being rude.

What can we do to show our disgust with this rudeness? Unfollow him! See how many % of his followers are Filipinos.

Just some of the tweets that I wish JB would read:

Dear Justin Bieber, You mess with Pacman, You Mess with Filipinos! Juan for all, All for Juan.  magladlad ka na!

Celebrities need to be a role model to the society. They must learn how to respect .  

BIEBER only knows how to "BELIEVE" but not to RESPECT

Bieber, please have some respect, We know that, that is your opinion. But please? Just respect. 

he has brought shame to his family.. And Canada

 Im a fan and all but what the hell?! he's our pride and you cant just mock him like that. ikaw kaya mag boxing!

Freewill, use it wisely. 

Maybe  didn't know how much Pacquiao means to us as a nation. I guess the least he can do now is apologize.

Hoy Justin Beiber, i have 3 words for you: OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!!!

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