Tito Sen

December 18, 2012
I like Eat Bulaga. They are funny. They are better than the other shows. Kaya naman 3 dekada na sila di ba? But being a host/actor is different from being a politician. Being a "good" person alone does not mean you can be a politician. 

Image source: http://dalubhasangpinoy.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/who-is-tito-sotto-part-2/

First he plagiarize. Then he refuse to apologize. He stands up and pretends to be smart. Only he does not understand a thing. And refuse to listen.  Why the hell do we have a Senator like this?

People respect him. I do not question that because he has earned his place on the entertainment industry. But it's politics and our future as a nation is a totally different matter. He has to return the respect and give up politics.

Oh by the way Tito Sen... condom is made of rubber not plastic. :)

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