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February 08, 2013
I was sick most of the last quarter of the year making me miss Christmas and New Year. But lucky me that my friends didn't forget me last Christmas. 

And here's what they lovingly gave me:

Yahoo for this Primer. Not as nice as Sephora's but definitely good enough. :)

Yehey for friends from Malaysia. I'm not allowed to drink coffee but my hubby liked this Durian coffee the first time he tried it. I spoke about it with an officemate and he gave this to us last Christmas! Awesome colleagues!

Headache. That's almost synonymous with my existence since the first day of this pregnancy. And my mom (knowing what's best!) gave me this jade crane! Works like magic. :)

Addiction to Coconut chips began with this chips that was a gift from another officemate who recently went on vacation from Bangkok. Several other officemates went to BKK and brought other brands of coconut chips but nothing beats this brand.

Yay! I'm such a lucky lucky girl to have friends! A friend who recently went on a vacation in Manila came back with this box of ensaymada. LOVEEEE!

Suman from Ilocos! Soooo GOOD!

It's Chinese New Year! And a Pinoy Chinese New Year won't be complete with Tikoy!!! SARAP!

My 3 little pigs (kids of Alex and Tonet) gave me this watch for Christmas! Sweet!

Mongo, Ube and Ube Langka = YUMMY! I love Eng Bee Tin to bits.

My brother (Alex) sent this Acai Blueberry chocolates straight from Manila!

An officemate came back with this GREAT TASTING tamarind candies (originally from Thailand but) bought in Manila. Just the right amount of spiciness !

Another officemate who just came back from a vacation to the US came back with this great tasting lip balms! Lasang chewing gum!

And you think it ends there? Check this out:

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