Preggy Purchases

February 02, 2013
Ha! I ordered bellybud from amazon thinking that they don't have it here in SG. I got it for almost U$60 plus shipping so around S$100. And what do ya know? They got it at Mothercare in Harbourfront for $79. (will post the picture once I got it)

Well, moving on my shopping spree... Gosh!

Still on Mothercare, went to buy 2 pants. I fell in love with the jeans but opted to buy both black because I need more for work. It didn't seem practical to buy 3 pants at $82 a piece right? 2 should be sufficient.

Duckie got me a maternity pillow which I'm using now while blogging through my iphone. Super comfy! A bit on the expensive side though being $158... my very own dream genii. It's super comfy. I say it's worth every $ we spent on it. :) Thanks to Wacks and Heids for the recommendation. Good to have experienced friends!

Ha! This is it for mommy shopping. Our next purchases would all be for mamon (hopefully!) Super excited!

Oh by the way.. here's our loot. It's Chinese new year and Harbour Front has these goodies for us. Got a free snake stuffed toy and got lucky with the raffle with this CK perfume set. (I never win in raffles or picks so I say Mamon is my lucky charm!)

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