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March 24, 2013
Kris Aquino

Wow Kris is making this a habit. Every decade she has to do this? Same drama. Same script. Same acting. Just different co-stars. It's irritating that she drags the entire Philippines in all her drama. It's irritating that she ruins her family's name. It's irritating that she steals attention from real problems. It's irritating how she ruins lives. And more irritating that there are still people who believe her. 

To be fair, I was beginning to think she's matured and all. I was amazed how she made the Philippines forget the STD issue and become the top celeb endorser. Wow. 

Then she did it again. Although James is not saintly (with the Hope issue and all), he's more believable. His story was very simple. Yet, it sounded true. She, on the other hand, had to bring along her sisters (probably knowing she doesn't have much credibility). Dragging his son (well a kid is not supposed to be able to lie right? But certainly they can be manipulated into believing something). Going overboard with resignation. Haha. I think that did it for her. Over acting. If she kept it simple, well, she could have gained sympathy again.

Heart and Chiz

At the beginning of the relationship, I was skeptical. I was thinking, Oh no, Chiz is gonna get hurt. The last time (from the rumors) his wife left him (cheating or whatever). He has custody of the kids so I would think he's not at fault of the annulment. (Of course, I can't be sure)

But bottom line is that the girl is the heart breaker and not Chiz.

Wow, the parents of Heart are extreme. And we all thought Sarah G's parents are over protective. Haha. They are nothing in comparison to Heart's parents. Maybe they did see something wrong with Chiz. But Heart's relationship history makes it hard to side with them. It's not as if they have a virgin daughter. Or a young daughter. Wow. 28 years old is OLD! 

If an intelligent senator (although older and with kids) is not good enough... does Heart deserve a prince? Ganda naman nya.

If the mom (parents) are matapobre. Heart is bilmoko and mukhang pera (at least from her Mom's between the line words)... Oh gosh. Chiz is indeed the loser in this case.

While we are are at this issue, I think this article was well written and deserves a read:

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