March 31, 2013
We went shopping for Mamon's stuff yesterday. It was both tiring and fun. Just realized that Paragon is a nice place to go shopping for baby stuff. There's a lot of baby/kids stores on the 5th level. Metro at the 4th level also sells quite a good number of stuff. Canvassing for great deals is easier because of the distance and the number of choices.

We got this Avent Bottle Warmer for $68 plus a free bag (woth $28) at the First few years shop. It's $76-78 without any freebie at Metro and Mothercare.  (A bit of a funny story, when we tried it at home we thought it wasn't working because it wasn't warming the water we placed in the bottle. Turns out need to put water in the warmer.. haha!)

We wanted a simple one with a comfortable cloth. We don't want to be irritating baby's sensitive skin for the sake of cute designs right? We got this for I think $45 (for 2 pieces) at the First few years shop. TIP: Accumulate $300 for 3 months and get a free membership entitling you to additional 10% off. Purchase worth $500 and you get free delivery. :)

The breast pump battle. As you can see, we settled for Avent. Got this for $135 at the Metro. Only Metro was selling it for a package so we got it there. Appreciated the free feeding bottle, nipple cream and the pads. :) And oh, Metro gave us 3 sets of bibs (total 6 pieces) plus a gray cloth (I think to be used to cover while breast feeding). Ahh.. I LOVE freebies!

All 3 shops we visited were selling this. With Mothercare being more expensive at $139. Got this at Metro for $135. I think they differ in the freebies. First few years got the brush, milk container and nipple pad as freebies. Mothercare got 2 normal bottles plus nipple pad as freebies. Metro got the most, so we got it there plus the $4 savings. And hey, when we used Citibank bank.. we got additional $30 voucher and a free membership entitling us to 2 years 10% off. Awesome deal right?!

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