Day 2

April 25, 2013
At 11AM Sunday, Duckie wheeled me to the NICU to see Mamon for the 2nd time. He kept warning me to prepare myself. That he's smaller than what I recall because I only saw him for few seconds at the operating room.

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There he was. In all his 1.2 kg frame. Very fragile. I couldn't help but cry. I blame myself for making him suffer like that.

But our Mamon is a fighter. Doctor said, he will lose weight 7-10 days before his weight will begin to pick up. Today he was still on IV, antiobiotics, tube feeding. But he's such a fighter now he don't need oxygen support. He can now take room temp.

The nurses at the NICU are very nice and friendly. I'm glad I'm leaving Mamon in safe hands.
Of course, we have financial concerns. We we're advised to move to KKH. But upon inquiry, we were told they cannot quote us until Mamon is admitted there. Until he become a patient, they cannot help us. And the transfer is done doctor to doctor. So our pedia must authorize the transfer and arrange it too. But the rates might not be much different because coming form private to government means you will be treated as private and appeal is subject to approval.

I love the ThomsonBabyViewer so much that I wish they would turn it on the whole day!

My instagram update: "Day 2. no more oxygen supplement, finished 1st batch of milk, can open eyes and smile already! we are small but terrible. "

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