Day 4

April 25, 2013
Yehey! Praise God! They said he will continue to lose weight but he proved them wrong! In fact he's gained15g! From 1.145 now he's 1.160. They removed the antibiotics also, so all hands and feet are free from wires! The new incubator, although no camera, is awesome! The heat makes him very comfortable. His face is so much more radiant and he looked really contented. We were so happy. :) 

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We checked out from the hospital today. The doc didn't come till around 2pm, Duckie had to go down and buy me food from the cafeteria coz I was already starving and we were not served lunch. We waited for the bill till around 3pm, until a nurse came by and said we can settle the bill when we go back to the hospital. Urghh, waste of time waiting. Today found out that we can no longer view Mamon from thomsonbabyview because there's no camera at his new place. Sad. But at least he's more comfortable. :) 

Was home by 4pm and we spent about 2 hours cleaning the mess that we left last Saturday before heading back to visit Mamon at 8PM.

It's my first night back in our bed. I couldn't help but cry when I saw the pillow that I shared with Mamon. I miss him.

My instagram update: "mommy's turn on day 4. we gained weight! from 1.145 we are now 1.160. no more antibiotics! see all hands and feet are free from needles! the tita nurses love him so much he moved him to condo with heater to boost up gain weight with no extra charge and they promised to give us discount upon discharge. #nofilter #believe #thanku#powerofprayers"

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