Day 5

April 25, 2013
He's still 1.160kg. No weight gain but didn't lose anything either. It's such a good news. He's such a good boy, now he can take 23ml per feeding. They are alternating breast milk and formula because they said formula can promote weight gain faster. 

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Unfortunately, today Duckie wasn't feeling well. It was stress and over fatigue I guess. He went with me for the 5-6pm and 8-9pm visiting hours but he didn't go inside the NICU. It was too bad because I knew how much he wanted to visit baby too. It was also too bad because he missed Mamon's first smile. Mamon was such in a good mood today that he smiled at Mommy. Awww. 

Moral of the story: Take care of yourself so you'll have enough strength to take care of baby. :)

My instagram update: "HELLOOO! Aha! I'm sure I made u smile! I'm 5 days old. Still 1.160kg. I didn't gain weight but I didn't lose any either! I'm now drinking 23ml every 3 hrs. #miracle#powerofprayers"

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