Day 7

April 27, 2013
Image source: Pinterest

Going to the hospital is now becoming a part of a regular habit. If only there's escalator in the overhead pass I'd take the bus to save money. Perhaps next week I can do that. For now gotta take care of my CS wound. 

Yay! Baby gained another 30grams making him 1.230kg. He was sleeping during the 2 visiting hours so we didn't get to play. But I did read him book and I talked non-stop haha. I want him to be familiar with my voice. I want him to know I'm around. And as a reward, I got a smile. Perhaps not necessarily to me. Maybe he was having a good dream. But it was enough.

My instagram update: never stop smiling! i gained 30grams today! i'm 1.230kg. #26ml #powerofprayers

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