Day 8

April 27, 2013
We dropped by TMC today around 3PM to do milk delivery before heading to Tanglin mall to attend a birthday party (Happy Birthday Ken!!!).  We went back to TMC just in time for the 5PM visitation.

Mamon was sleeping but he melts our heart by always smiling even at his sleep. I swear the 1 hour inside NICU moves so fast that I feel it's not enough. Very happy with the 30grams that Mamon gained today.

We went to United Square to buy reusable breast pads. Got this from Mums and Babies for $26.50. (Tip: Don't buy nursing bra here. The same brand I got from the shop at TMC for $61.50 is sold for $69.50 here).

Then we were back to TMC before 8PM. Here's my regular hang out spot. I sit here daily from 6-8PM while waiting for the next viewing. It's warmer here, plus there's water and less people.

I'm a bit worried now because just before we left the NICU, I asked the nurse to turn Mamon's head to the left. Duckie said the nurse was having colds. He's worried Mamon could get infected because she wasn't wearing mask. Being analytical, he took so long to tell me. Now I'm feeling really paranoid. Worried. What if Mamon catch the virus? Much as I love the nurses because they are so nice, wish they could exert more precaution when handling the babies. :(

My instagram post: yehey! i'm 1 week old! i gained another 30g making me 1.260kg today. #powerofprayers #27ml

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