Day 9

April 29, 2013
Mamon was looking healthier and more active today. He tends to sleep on his right side so Duckie says he might have flat head syndrome. His ears were a bit blue because of his heads weight so we asked the nurse to turn him around. 

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I'm a bit worried about how they store the milk at the NICU. I saw they didn't freeze the milk. I saw about 6-8 bottles in the fridge. I produce 4 bottles a day so that means they still have Friday's milk in the fridge. I'm worried coz on the brochure they gave us they said to keep the milk 48 hours in the fridge and use freezer if keeping longer. Arrgh. How do I politely ask them about it? It's worrying me.

My instagram update: hello! i gained 25g! i'm now 1.285kg! i can't take more than 27ml for now but it's okay. mom and dad says slow and steady. #powerofprayers

[Update] I managed to nicely ask the nurse and she said yes they will freeze the milk. And today, when I asked to check if I need to carry milk tomorrow I saw the milk is in the freezer. *sigh of relief!* I guess I was worrying too much. Of course they (should) know what they are doing. 

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