Doctor's Visit

April 20, 2013
So we went back to the clinic yesterday for the now weekly visit. A CTG was requested upon arrival so I headed straight to the lab/test room.

Each test takes 30-45 minutes. And this time, the doc requested it 3x. One lying flat, one lying to the right and another to the left. The first 2, I think baby was sleeping thus the heartbeat was stable. Flat. When I moved to my left, I felt him kicking and moving.

Well, the doctor gave me another week of hospitalization leave. Both checking and scolding me for even asking if I can go back to work (you dunno how guilty I'm feeling for not being able to help at work esp now that they all need to clear leaves too). He asked me which part of his English I'm not understanding. :(

Amniotic fluid has improved slightly. But still on the low side. Mamon has grown a few grams but not enough still smaller than his due. Doc asked me to eat more, rest more. Lie down more.

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