It takes a man and a woman

April 18, 2013

It's a must to watch the first 2 in order to fully appreciate this movie.  Most of their jokes are continuation from the 1st 2 movies. The 1st part of this 3rd movie explains to us what happened to the 2 of them during the last 2 years. Quick. Fast. Drama. The 2nd half was the funny part. It called for an over acting Sarah which she readily and successfully gave. I think she carried this movie. I dunno about you but I feel that John Lloyd was lacking something. Interest perhaps? He seemed so distant. Aloof. Not that his role calls for it. He didn't have the happy vibe in the movie. Not a minute. Not even during their make up scene or wedding scene. It's just a different John Lloyd. Like forced to do the movie. But the story and Sarah surely made up for whatever was lacking with the leading man. I wouldn't want to stretch it to a part 4 though (or too early to tell?).

It was funny. Definitely WAY BETTER than the 2 top grossing movies of the Philippines. I wish they would show it in cinemas here in Singapore (like they did for the Erich movie). And I wish they be the highest grossing Pinoy film of all time.. :)

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