April 18, 2013
After missing the 3rd lesson, we made sure we made it to the talk last Tuesday at the Singapore All Girls School (190 Dunearn Rd).  

It was kinda tough because there were no signs inside the school where the talk would be held. The Thomson parentcraft hotline is a tough number to call with no one answering most of the time. I made my way inside the campus and followed all the pregnant ladies (trust me, I've never seen so many pregnant ladies before!). But they were all over. Unfortunately for me I followed the wrong ladies. They headed to the closed cafeteria and had dinner (they brought food with them!). So I walked around the campus and asked around. One preggy lady said she thinks it must be on the 2nd floor at the auditorium. I dunno if they have elevator or what but I only saw stairs. Hah. Stairs. My greatest nemesis!

It was a long queue of pregnant ladies (you wouldn't believe how determined looking they were in the queues). Then I queued up in the wrong lane. Gosh. They didn't have labels.  So there I wasted a good 10-15 minutes only to find out the Tuesday class had the shortest queue and I've been on the Weekend class. Dang! 

One tip. Bring food. Eat before the talk. Most of the couples had pack sandwiches. It was so delicious smelling that Mamon and I instantly felt hungry. There's a vendo machine but only Apple juice is worth buying among the drinks. The chips were nice (hey Oishi's from the Philippines!). Unfortunately for me I couldn't afford more than an apple juice and a small pack of Oishi because I used up all my coins in the cab to the school. (Bad luck!) They have mineral water but they only offer it after the talk.

Check out the contents of the loot bags they gave us:

The auditorium was full. With a lot of couples arriving late and bothering those already seated because most people are huge (preggies) moving in is tough.

Okay now the real stuff. The talk was 1.5 hours. It was very very informative. Combining scientific and practical information and tips. The speaker was very lively. She managed to keep everyone interested and awake.

She talked about breastfeeding, weaning, feeding the baby and sterilization. I wouldn't dwell much on what she said... but I would suggest couples to go attend the talk if you have time. It's really really good.

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